Startup Executive Academy
04 - 10 July 2019

In the years 2017 and 2018 more than 35 Startup Executives participated.

This is what four executives have to say:

Zeynep Demirbilek

Zeynep Demirbilek, CEO Service Club, Barcelona, Spain

„The Startup Executive Academy was amazing and totally changed my thinking about how to create a company and what is really important to be successful. I was able to implement a lot from the lectures and the expereince of the other executives into my new startup. Also we had a lot of fun in „our castle“. I can totally recommend this academy to any founder!“

Thomas Weiss

Thomas Weiss, CEO Authentic Vision, Salzburg, Austria

„I have attended the SEA 2017 and was able to significantly improve my daily performance as CEO. I was astonished by the faculty’s level of experience and the impact the intense session next other top performers had on me. Especially the skillset how to fine tune a disruptive strategy and transform it into a global setup. Every Startup founder should invest this week to become a better strategist and leader.“

Elena Shkarubo

Elena Shkarubo, CEO MeetnGreetMe, Minsk, Belorussia

„I didn’t know what to expect from the SEA. I had never participated in such a program where top executives of corporations, successful businessmen, some Silicon Valley VCs and professors from Stanford get together to share with us not only their knowledge and expertise but also insights you can hardly access from the outside world. I hold an MBA in strategic management but the SEA provides a totally different, tailor-made experience. On the other side, there are fantastic international peers who during the program easily turn into your friends, mentors, advisors, and supporters. I recommend the SEA to startup leaders who seek to move to another level, get strong practical knowledge, build a powerful network and celebrate their journeys as entrepreneurs.“

Ralph Hünermann

Ralph Hünermann, CEO Odoscope, Cologne, Germany

„I was blown away by Prof. Baba Shiv and the intensity of the program. I have got so much new input that changed my mind and helped me to have a different view on many aspects of my company. Our group of participants was really international and this gave me very interesting insights how to globally grow. The highlight was definitely that I was invited to give a lecture in an executive program in Stanford which was the first step to expand my business in the US. I can highly recommend the Startup Executive Academy.“

Nuno Job

Nuno Job, CEO YLD, London, Great Britain

„The Startup Executive Academy was very good, both the lectures as well as the curriculum. I already attended at similar programs of top US business schools and would like to congratulate for this great curriculum and very competent faculty. I was able to learn again and can recommend this Startup Executive Academy in Europe!“